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We use our long experience to work together and as accurately as possible with our clients to provide what suits their projects in terms of designs and ideas that are commensurate with the requirements and specifications of the project and meet the need for a design that is commensurate with the project budget so that the client has the opportunity to remain in the competitive project market. We are always keen to provide an integrated service that covers all customer needs.

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First: at the Preliminary Stage

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Compliance The Project Specifications

We provide a summary of the project specifications and we release the compliance sheet in accordance with the contractual specifications to submit it for approval by the main contractor or consultant and ensure the protection of our clients from any operational or financial problems in their projects.

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Study The Structural Elements

We study the structural elements of aluminum or steel to ensure the design of the project at the lowest cost in terms of materials for approval by the client or consultant.

- 03

Cost Study of The Project Materials

Accordingly, we provide a detailed cost study of the project materials and submit it to our clients for review and agreement before starting implementation.

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Provide the Technical Submittal of The Materials

We provide the technical submittal of the materials to the consultant in accordance with the specifications of the project and its signed contract for approval. and we are ready for the technical response when necessary.

Second: The Design and Implementation Stage

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Providing Designs and Architectural Solutions

Providing designs and architectural solutions for the external glass facades, aluminum facades of all kinds, and any steel works in a professional manner which can commensurate with the requirements of the project and work principles such as design, isolation, and quality.

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Submitting Shop Drawings

Submitting shop drawings for approval by the consultant or the client directly.

- 03

Speedy Completion of The Works

The speedy completion of the works, including drawings and designs, in order to take into account the time frame required for implementation to ensure the interest of the project and achieve client satisfaction, noting that we are working directly with the consultant to get the approval as soon as we can.

- 04

Evaluate The Amount of Variations or Modifications

We evaluate the amount of variations or modifications that the consultant or the owner may make in the specifications and requirements comparing to the tender specifications and contractual requirements of the project and review their impact on the cost of the project and prepare a list of these differences to claim the price variations due to our client.

- 05

The Material Orders

Placing the material orders after issuing all approvals and with the least possible wastage.

- 06

Releasing All Fabrication Orders

Releasing all fabrication orders with maximum possible accuracy.

- 07

Using high technologies in design by using BIM

The aim of using BIM technology using programs such as REVIT and TEKLA is to use the best modern design methods that enable the client to embody his ideas and view them in three-dimensional forms, so that the project owners and those related to it can visualize the design, verify any potential design problems, and modify it if necessary. If necessary, all types of architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical details can be included with the utmost precision on the same design for better coordination between these different elements and ensuring that there are no conflicts between them, which reduces problems, errors and potential delays as a result. This is in addition to the possibility of extracting all information related to the project, such as the quantities of materials for each element and estimating costs, which helps in studying the project budget and monitoring it completely during implementation. In addition, BIM can analyze the extent of the project’s sustainability by estimating the project’s thermal performance, carbon impacts, and all the various environmental elements.

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Interior decoration designs and home furniture:

We understand the importance of having a well-designed and curated living space and that is why we are here to offer you our expertise and create the perfect environment that reflects your unique style and personality to turn it into a unique masterpiece. Poorly designed interiors can lead to a host of problems, such as wasted space, inefficient flow, and overall dissatisfaction. Our team of experienced interior designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and provide you with professional design solutions.

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Designs of facades of residential villas and buildings:

We understand the importance of a well-designed villa facade that not only reflects your style and taste but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your property. That’s why we offer our expertise to ensure you get the design you’ve always envisioned. Failure to properly design your interface can lead to a myriad of problems – from poor functionality to lack of visual appeal. Don’t let these concerns dampen your enthusiasm for your dream villa! With our experienced team of design professionals, we can help you overcome any challenges that may arise.

By choosing our company, we guarantee you exceptional design solutions that will raise the level of appearance of your villa facade.

- 10

Interior decoration designs for restaurants and cafes

We realize that designing a restaurant or café is not an easy task. The ambience, layout and overall aesthetic play a crucial role in attracting customers, setting the right mood and creating a memorable dining experience. Thanks to our experience, we guarantee to provide decorative designs that not only meet your vision, but exceed your expectations.

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